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How to Boost Sales on the Social Media.

Today, i want to share something powerful with you that has the potential to boost your sales. What is it? It is How to boost sales on the social media.
To the glory of God, i have been able to generate sales for my business both offline and online and i have been able to move with social media gurus on the web and i have been able to handle results as a result.
These social media steps are what am using to boost sales for my business  via leads and referrals. So the secrets i share with you are real, reliable and authentic.
What are those steps?
1. Use the social media to create an approachable persona that encourages people to contact you and follow through when they reach out.
2. Send traffic to your blog, where deeper conversations can take place. Create pages for each program that you are doing. Make the content rich. Here, create different pages for your business. What do i mean? DO NOT USE YOUR PERSONAL PROFILE FOR YOUR BUSINESS. YOU NEED TO DIFFERENTIATE THE TWO. It took me sometime before i came to realize this. When i did, i created a business page on facebook: Jesus Ventures Limited International. This is the page i use to connect with potential customers and where i share business, marketing, inspirational and motivational tips.
To expand my business, i created a store page known as Yeshua Online Store: Here, i use to announce my business products. Today, people know me for this.
To expand and advertize my affiliate business, i had a landing page .
To expand my audience, i created a business group on facebook: Global Entrepreneurs Business Forum.

I created pages or boards on Pinterest and Instagram . My point? Create and differentiate your PERSONAL PROFILE FROM YOUR BUSINESS.

3. Have a clear call to action on the blog so people can do something when they get there.

4. Use landing pages on your site for  specific channels of your business.

5. Put your contact information everywhere on your blog, basic but often ignored.

6. Post often and keep posting. Let your post be 80-95% information and the remaining 20-5% promotional.
You are competing with other business on the social media, most concentrate on promotionals. You must have a cutting edge. No one is going to listen to you because you posted something promotional, they will listen only when they begin to follow you.
Content sharing is the easiest and the one that may get you more followers faster.
You must have an audience that wants your content. For your audience to want your content, you have what they need within your advert.

7. Be the celebrity expert in your field. Be an Authority in what you are sharing and remain focus on it. Don’t divert.Once people know you as an Authority in your field, they will contact you once your help is needed.

They may NOT do that now, but they are watching you and see if you can be trusted and how you can ACTUALLY LAST. So, keep doing your thing and be a blessing.
My followers grow everyday on the social media and if you want to do the same, you must abide with the secrets that i just showed you.
To know more, i discovered 14 ways, get my book, ‘30 WAYS TO CREATE SALES IN YOUR BUSINESS.’

it will show you all you need to know and how to generate sales. it is AFFORDABLE TOO.


Making Your Business a Voice.

Make Your Business a Voice. Hi There And how are you today? Hope the tips you have been receiving from me and my company has been impacting your business and your sales margin. if it has been, pls share your results with us. Let’s celebrate your success with you by commenting below. Thanks. Today, i come with another tips today and that is MAKING YOUR BUSINESS A VOICE. This is powerful. when i got this insight, i went wow. Because without your business becoming a voice, it is NOT GOING ANYWHERE. How would you know if your business has a voice? it WILL HAVE A MESSAGE. A Profound message. Every successful business or Entrepreneur possess this quality. Your message will be found in your Mission Statement, Brand, Quality Service and your Audience. My question to you today is this,WHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS MESSAGE? DO YOU HAVE? How can i have one? Your message will be found: 1. in your passion. 2. In the problems your business has been sent to solve. 3. In your dreams to making your world a better place. Begin NOW!

How To Build Your Credibility To Generate Sales In Business.

Hi There.
I Have Been Brainstorming And Making Researches And More Discoveries On Building A Credible And Profitable Business And Some Of My Discoveries Am Going To Share With You: It Is On Building Credibilty In Business.
Derek Sivers Said, ‘To Succeed In Business, You Have To Be Genuine In Profitability And Most People Don’t.’
To Build Profitability, You Need To Build Your Credibility.
What Is Credibility? Credibility Is When Your Company Get Things Done, Stays True To Their Word And Has An History Of Successes.
To Build Credibility, It Does Take Time As People First Observe, If You Can Be Trusted.
But You Don’t Need To Wait For Eternity. You Can Begin From The Level That You Are.
So How Do You Build Credibility?
1. Be Honest.
2. Have A Mission Statement And Have Value And Stay True To Them.
3. Be Objective.
4. Be Honest.
5. Be Sincere. Be Yourself.
6. Give Quality Service
You May Be Wondering, How Do I Have A Mission Statement?
It Is Easy: see it here

The Usage Of Time And Your Business.

Today, I Want To Share Something With You That Changed My Life Forever And Very Profoundly. What Is It? It Is On The Usage Of Time.
I Realized That In 365 Days, We Have 8760 Hours.
Using 8 Hours To Sleep To Be Active, You Would Have Used 2920 Hours Which Will Remain 5840 Hours.
Using 8 Hours To Sleep, Will Remain 16 Hours Left In A Day To Make Our Dreams Come True.
My Question, What Do You Do With The Remaining Hours?
Do You Know That If You Are Not Successful, It Is Your Fault?
We All Have 24 Hours And Yet We All Do Not Turn Out The Same Way.
Some Are Rich And Some Are Poor.
The Difference? It Is The Usage Of Time.
Time Is A Commodity That You Can Never Buy And At The Same Time, It Is What You Have To Make Anything Happen In Your Life.
How You Use It Will Determine How It Will Reward You.
It Can Either Be An Enemy To You Or A Friend.
Invest Into It And It Will Be Your Friend And Give You Rich Dividend Or Waste It On Pleasures And It Will Become An Enemy And Return Poverty To You.
Use Your Time Wisely.

How To Make Excellent Sales In Business Marketing

I want to welcome all my viewers, followers and visitors, a happy and prosperous new yr. I know that you might have heard all that, at the beginning of the year. But, i need to say this to you, personally. Thanks so much for viewing my page and website. Every information here is authentic and original. Welcome to a new business working year. I want to drop these tips to you on your sales this year. Every information has been proven, tested and found to be true. I use them on my business and it shows. Put the ff to use to make excellent sales this year.

1. Don’t compete, target increase. Beat your last sales. It gingers your brain to work best, giving you excellent ideas for productivity. Creativity is born when you focus on increase. And creativity is a great tool to amass sales.

2. Never Sell Your Product On The Platform Of Lies. Let your product deliver what it promises to its customers. Telling a lie to sell a product, does not last. Look for the benefits of your product to people and sell on that. Infact, buy and use the product yourself, it’ll give you a first hand benefit of the product. You’ll sell like hot cake.

3. Give Value For Money. Oh, yes. Give value for the money, you take from people. I do not mean that you do not have to drive any bargains at all, or that you are above the necessity for having any dealings with your fellow men. I mean, give to every man more than you take from him. Give him more in use value than the cash value of the thing you take from him. Then, riches in business will come to you.

4. Learn To Handle Rejection. That’s the fact. It is not everybody that will want your product. You must know how to handle an answer no from people. Marketers give up easily here. I faced mine and i succeeded. This is the pivot that has made many marketers to become big sales executives. Just because a big ‘notch’ says no to you, does not mean that you will not receive many yes from others like him. Don’t give up. Get my ebook 10 STEPS IN TURNING REJECTION INTO A TOOL OF POWER IN MARKETING, call +2347045346449 or +2348104941884 for your copies or you can download a sample on any reading device at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/415220

5. Learn To Package Yourself Well. The way you are dressed, is the way you will be addressed. You sell your product first, through the way you dress. Work upon your competence in selling yourself. There are four powerful communicating tools that will empower you to sell yourself well: Your Mind, Your Face, Your Body and Your Voice. Your mind shows you what to say, your face, body and voice shows you how to say it. Never panic. Be relaxed always and always have a smiling face. Never be fearful. Fear clouds the mind and paralyses it. An ebook concerning the above topic is now out.  There are 20principles in all. All will be downloaded for your pleasure, once the book is purchased .  Hear this testimony:

I had an opportunity to sell a book. i made N100,000 or more within the space of 3months. At least N11,000 in a week, just by applying the principles in the book. It is simple and workable. Its the excerpt from the book i just shared with you. Lastly, move your business higher, be an infopreneur. Remember, you can monetize what you know on the web. Just be original and authentic. Advertise using Adsense on your blog.