You are Created to be Honoured

Hi There,

welcome to another time of insight.

Today, i want to share something powerful and revolutionary to you and what is that? it is YOU ARE CREATED TO BE HONOURED.

This is an inspirational topic and i will like you to pay close attention.

This topic came as a result of what happened on the 31st of May 2016. it is an incident i will NEVER forget in my life.

I have suffered humiliation, rejection for quite sometime, which led to dishonour for me. i have honoured men all my life. when it came to my turn, i really would not understand.

Here is an excerpt from the book. Happy reading:

‘I have experienced dishonour and humiliation for so long and i was getting sick of it. On this date:  May 31st, i received humiliation from my spouse for asking my son to fast for his exams, for he had not prepared well for his exams due to my ill health.

As if that was not enough, my pleadings for my son’s timing to pay for his school fees was turned down and he was sent home for it. i had begged the school earlier before resumption to give me time. i gave the time frame to them and it was accepted.

i was shocked that after all my pleadings, my voice was not heard. Believe me, i felt so humiliated and dishonoured. i had never felt that way all my life.

Every past humiliation and dishonour due to my health accumulated together that day.

With that pain and agony, i wept sore before God and asked God to honour me.  i had purged myself of any iniquity that could dishonour me.

As i was asking God to honour me, humbling myself, i received the shock of my life. God told me, ‘YOU ARE CREATED TO BE HONOURED, that it was my right as a child of God, that i should stop begging Him  for what was rightfully mine.

Right there, insights upon insights on what honour is, ought to be and how to be honoured began to come.

God gave me 12 powerful prayer points to pray and right there everything changed and at that MOMENT THE BOOK WAS BORN‘.

I had suffered marital abuse for 13 years straight due to my health and i bore it.

I realized that there are so many people out there like me, who are being dishonoured and humiliated for who they are, what they stand for and by being different from the crowd, is the book therefore born.

So, if you are like me, the book is born to INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE AND MOTIVATE YOU to stand for what is true, just and right and be you, being different.

Your gender is wrapped up in Glory, Virtue and Honour.

in the book, i narrated my life experience there to encourage people like me to move on with their lives, because THEIR CREATOR AND MAKER MADE THEM WITH HONOUR. i have been receiving encouraging mails since this book came out. Be a blessing to someone going through abuse, humiliation and dishonour and bring them out of depression and inferiority complex by getting the book for them.

You would have saved a life from COMMITTING SUICIDE!

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The Power of Imagination

Hi There,

Today i want to write about a better idea on a tech story and i will like to talk to you about it.

I have been greatly impressed about how technology has greatly improved our lives in general.

It has saved millions of people from death, calamity and has improved the standard of living of thousands if not millions of people today.

Science has improved past inventors creations and kept standing on their shoulders to make the world a better place.

Charles Babbage was the first inventor of Computer, today, computers have come in different shapes and design that amazes me till today.

Louis Pasteur invented Biogenesis law, pasteurization, vaccination, immunization and bacteriology, but today science through technology has greatly influenced and greatly improved on it.

i can list thousands of inventors in the past that have greatly changed our world and life. Men like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Blaise Pascal, Issac Newton, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs just to mention a few.

Today, i want to share something bigger to you.

To advance in technology is to tap into the Powers of our Imagination.

What is so powerful about it? This is because, in our imagination lies no limit to the human mind. It is where our creativity, inventions, innovations, wisdom, knowledge, understanding lies.

These men of the past, where able to SEE via their imagination what to do to make their world a better place and if we are to do more than them, we need to tap into the SAME POWER that got their invention working.

In the past when aeroplanes were yet to be made, the wright brothers SAW a metal flying, but the scientists of their days mocked them and told them IT IS NEVER POSSIBLE. But today, they are so wrong. Not only are aeroplanes flying, Jets and autopilot jets and planes are existing today.

It reminds of what Late Zig Ziglar said in ‘See You At The Top’, ‘Let the little world laugh at you, they are the ones missing the good things of life. The little world laughed at the wright brothers, but the big world gathered to see them get off the ground the first time. LET THEM LAUGH AT YOU. It is MANDATORY. But i assure you the big world will be gathered at the finish line cheering you across.’

T.L.Osborn also said, ‘We must never limit our desires, stifle our IMAGINATION, strangle our faith, smother our enthusiasm, restrain our endurance, asphyxiate i.e.suffocate our aspiration (what you desire to become), suppress our IMPROVEMENT. We must inquire and admire what we desire, then aspire to get them, require about it by asking on how we can get it, perspire if need be, then we can acquire or possess them.’

I believe this sums everything up.

That is why i have never stopped developing my mind, for that is where the seat of creativity and thoughts dwell. You can never grow beyond your thoughts, for it is the power that makes impossibility possible and that is where we need to begin. We become what we think.

For instance, i have been asthmatic since i was 7 years. My desire was to be a medical doctor to ease the pain of sick people because i have been there. But well, divinity never wired me for it due to the stress it entails.

However, i intend to build an Hospital in the nearest future, by being exceedingly rich to build it. My desire is to build according to the standard of John Hopkins Hospital, one of the best Hospitals in the world. Employing great MDs of great minds who can INVENT a Vaccine for asthma patients. That is my dream and am gradually planning it.

That is why i develop my minds and pen down my discoveries in my books, i titled:

1. Towards Mental Excellence:

2. How to Translate Imagination into Realities:

The essence of writing these books is to inspire invention amidst great minds to explore the powers of our minds and make our world a better place to be.

In my discovery as i said in Towards Mental Excellence that ‘the highest order of mental excellence is accessible by inspiration- inspiration is the master key to SUPERNATURAL INTELLIGENCE’. And every invention we will ever make will have to come via INSPIRATION.

How to connect to inspiration is to connect with what and who you are and what you are born to become.

Develop your minds and read. Learning is what taps into the 3 levels of our mind:

1. Conscious level

2. Sub-conscious level

3. Unconscious level.

Until we connect with our unconscious level, where we do things without thinking e.g like riding a car, swimming, doing things we love. Until then, we remain in our sub conscious level, where we just master our arts and we don’t do them without thinking.

We need to get into our unconscious realm and do things with ease.

Only then can we invent great things in technology that our eyes are yet to see.

In closing i will inspire you with E.W.Kenyon’s saying,

Form habits of study, habits of industry. Learn to save the moments, the hours will take care of themselves. Drive your mind; become an absolute slave-driver over your own faculties. They are your slaves, your servants. Make them work. Make them study. Make them develop. Kill laziness and tha droning habit of dreaming. Transform it into vital energy. Set the dynamic of a tremendous purpose loose inside you.

Make your time your wealth. Make moments pay dividends. Carve out of everyday that which spells success tomorrow. Make yourself worthwhile. Make yourself so attractive, so vitally attractive, so valuable that MEN WILL HUNT AFTER YOU.

Make opportunities where no opportunities ever existed before. Make yourself ready for the opportunity. Wasting time is wasting ability. Don’t waste time. IT IS ALL YOU HAVE’– Excerpts from TOWARDS MENTAL EXCELLENCE.

Get these books today and let’s make our world a better place to be.

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Thank you.

How to Market Your Product And Services

Hi There again,

How are you today? I hope what you planned went well.

How far have you gone in marketing your products and services to your audience?

You see marketing is a concept that you need to understand very well to be able to tap into its powers and change your business forever.

Today, i want to enlighten you on how to market your products and services using these simple steps:

  1. You must identify products are needed and wanted. Not all products sell. However, you must know the ones that would be needed by people. You must know WHAT TO SELL.
  2. How would you know 1 above? it is through your targeted audience. What do they need most? Then in what age bracket are they? WHAT PRODUCT/SERVICES DO YOU HAVE PASSION FOR THAT CHANGED YOUR LIFE AND THAT YOU CAN PURCHASE YOURSELF and market it?
  3. Categorize your audience in 2 above into:

a. Men

b. Women

c. Children: Toddlers etc

d. Teens

e. Adults.

f. Old/aged ones

Using the above age brackets will let you identify and zero in your audience.

4. Learn how to sell. To sell requires you to be convinced about your products and to be a Master of Words and Persuasion. Your product must give high use value to your customers.

5. Use the content marketing technique to market your products. This will give you a superb reverse marketing, in which it is your customers that will be advertising your products to their friends and families.

6. Use the law of partnership by connecting with companies that have already established their businesses and are already succeeding. This will announce your products and services the more.

7. Utilize the power of the social media.

Leave a comment if you find this tip helpful.

The Law of Reciprocity

Hi there and happy weekend to you.
Today, i want to share a business concept with you that will change your business sales forever and what is it? it is the POWER OF RECIPROCITY.
What is reciprocity?
Reciprocity is a business and marketing concept that gives something back to what is being received.
We do this a lot for our clients.
Those who purchased our most expensive products like our business book, ‘30 Ways to Create Sales in Your Business‘:  we give them an extra business e bk on ‘how to overcome challenges in business and your self image’ to boost and build their business to be productive.
To those who purchase our women’s products e.g our corporate women’s white suit: we give them 2 things:
1. A Corporate pen with the inscription of the store’s name and a Thank You for Your Patronage label.
2. A Corporate T shirt with the emblem of our client’s business logo with the picture of our client, their website and the Mission Statement of their business.
This is an advertisement concept that expands our clients business in sales. productivity and popularity.
This way, we’ve given 1000% ROI on their purchase of $210 plus shipping which they receive within 10 days.
Now, we are very low in stock.
To those who purchase our musical CDs/DVDs, we put an extra one.
This is reciprocity at work.
This concept works in two ways:
1. A Free gift with purchase as i described above.
2. A Free content.
An example is this post, where you give your clients free content with what you are offering them that has the power to change their lives and business.
Sit down with these tips and utilize this business concept for your business.
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The Concepts of Marketing

Every profession always has concepts by which they operate.

Marketing also has its own concepts. Terminologies define concepts and each terminology differs from profession to profession and so, thus their concepts.

That said, a concept or idea has to be designed to work. it is not a concept until it has an operative system within it to work.

Marketing also has concepts by which it operates and works and that is why as a marketer, you need to know and understand these concepts and how they operate.

You may ask, ‘why should i understand these concepts?’

you need to so that you can be the best and an expert in your field. it will show you when you come before the professionals in your industry and you will not be a novice when these terms are being discussed.

You will be recognized and honoured as a result plus they will see you as a consultant when the need arises and that can boost your credibility and thus your sales.

Not only that, it will help you plan your marketing strategies and business well. You will be able to know how marketing works and be able to apply yourself to its demands and be successful.

My company was able to discover 12 marketing concepts as against the 5 that the industry discovered years ago. Marketing concepts change all the time.

You may ask, ‘How did we discover this?’

As the CEO of the company, i was ruminating over the concepts in marketing in building my business recently  and i began to dive into what marketing is ALL about.

In my recent book, ‘How to Become a Great Salesman- 25 steps‘, i mentioned some of the 5 major concepts in marketing:

  1. communication
  2. Attitude
  3. Body Language.

The remaining part i said can be found in my book, ‘20 Secrets in Making Excellent Sales in Marketing

I was right but i was not satisfied. I wanted to know more. so, in my research i found the following:

  • Product concept
  • Service concept
  • Marketing concept
  • Advertising concept
  • Social Media Concept.

In all these researches, i realized that marketing is more than the above. My question was,’What of the customers who are the end means?’

Marketing cannot stand alone without the end result, which is the customer. Then marketing cannot also stand alone without a place to operate whether offline or online.

So, i began to fine tune all the concepts that can be found in marketing that can form the full success of what marketing is.

So, i came up with 12. No where on the web will you see the remaining 7. i came up with that.

I will share just 2 with you.

a. Communication: Marketing is a communication business and it is important that you know and use the communication tools which are: Your mind, your face, your body and your voice.

How do you use them?

Your mind SHOWS you what to say while your face, body and voice show you HOW to SAY it.

once you utilize these communication tools, you have successfully utilize the communication concept.

b. Sales; This is the essence of marketing: the generation of sales. Without sales, there is no marketing.

Marketing exists because of sales and to be able to use this concept, is to know the different ways of generating sales and to be able to know these ways explicitly, please, purchase my book, ‘30 Ways to Create Sales in Your Business.’

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