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The 5 Marketing Fundamental Skills You need To Build Your Business.

Hi there

How are you today? Today i have something very important to share with you that i have been using to build my business for the past 16 years and they do work.

once you know these skills and you build it, it will soar sales for you that you have never seen before.

i have tested these skills on the field myself in my marketing career of 16 years and they have never disappointed me.

it is what i have used to generate sales and leads till date and are still growing.

Building these skills are very essential to the survival of your business and its growth.

This is your ONLY  way to make even against the competition around and the change of Jobs that are going on now.

Mark Ford, one of my mentors said,’You can’t possibly know what functional skills will be most valuable in the future. But  I know this because there are fundamental skills that will help you build wealth regardless of what career path you choose‘.

Based on the above, things are rapidly changing and if you still want to be relevant to make your money in the business world, then you need these skills.

what are these skills?

  1. The Skill of Salesmanship: This is the cutting edge. Every business can only grow via the ability to sell and to sell well, you must determine the following:

a. The most cost-effective way of attracting customers.

b. The best way to keep those customers buying.

c. Knowing what to sell.

d. Creating valuable products.

e. Good and quality customer experience.

f. Affordable prices of products.

g. Ability to persuade…. just to mention a few.

Building your skill in this area will create an influx of money towards your direction all the time.

2. The Skill of Marketing: i cannot emphasize this enough. Just marketing your products is not the ideal thing. YOU MUST HAVE THE SKILL THAT MAKES YOU A SUCCESSFUL MARKETER. This is the real reason you need to get the knowledge that makes for a successful marketing career and to do this, you need to read and update yourself on what marketing is all about and what it entails. How do you know all these that can help? These marketing collections will help.

These marketing collections will show explicitly what marketing is all about and how to maneuver yourself around the marketing industry and be successful.

3. The Skill of Creating Saleable Ideas: ideas are great, but they are not profiting, if they are NOT creative in nature. Not all ideas sell, but the most profound is the ones that has the ability to generate desired results and to do this, it requires building your mental prowess. This affords you the opportunity to tap into the vastness of your resources through information. That is why it is said THAT INFORMED MEN ARE CURRENT AND SUCCESSFUL MEN. if you are not updated, you will be left behind.

Creative ideas are born in the place of meditation and meditation is an act of the mind. These two powerful mind building books will assist you and you will be on your way to achieve this skill.

Remember that you can’t sell knowledge, you sell skill. Knowledge is not marketable. it is a function of tactics, the strategies you engage in handling your business. A bachelor’s degree in computer science does not give you a job.It is your expertise on the system that does. Build your mind to give you a creative saleable ideas today. The aforementioned books will help you.

4. The Skill of Buying Right: Being shrewd is an asset in business. Knowing and buying at a good price is a saving money profit.

Investors understand this very much.

You need to build this skill as it is a cost effective saving tactic to you.

This is also the advanced skill of negotiation to achieve a favourable price. This is the key of wealth builders. You need to build that skill if getting rich is your ideal.

5. The Skill of Managing Profits: This is developing an eye for detail and a knowledge of pricing.

A good marketer needs to understand the importance of keeping a sales report or a marketing sheet.

i can’t emphasize this enough.This sheet enables you to understand and evaluate your progress and how successful your methods of operation has been.

Not owning a marketing sheet is like going to school without your writing materials.

So how can you own one? it is simple.

You can create a Microsoft excel, a journal or a book keeping all depend on what you want your marketing sheet to can even be a spreadsheet as long as it can serve that purpose.

To know more about this marketing sheet and what it offers, get the book here.

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How to Use Synergy in Marketing

Synergy has been overused in these past decades and once you know how it is used, it can bring a massive result for you.
Synergy is not just a matter of combining things; it is a matter of understanding how things work and which things you should put together..
To use synergy, you must consider the combinations you want to bring together and this must be in line with each field e.g. you don’t combine Pay per Click search ads with TV ads. They are different audiences. Offline and online businesses are different businesses with different marketing methods; combining them both will not produce a true synergy.
So, for this to work, you need to identify related fields that go together and combine them e.g. Business and marketing are interwoven, but yet different.
To use synergy in business, you need to come under the umbrella of the business concepts that come in line with marketing concepts.
To make synergy work is to combine your products and services into the main frame of marketing and combine them together.
In this book, you will learn on:
1. What marketing is all about and what it entails.
2. What is Synergy and how it works.
3. Practicals ways to use it in your business and marketing.
4. The different synergy concepts that you can combine in your business and maximize this concept to make your business explode and lots more.
It is a MUST if you want to be updated in your field and utilize the new discovery to grow your business.
It is powerful, explosive and practical.
Get your copy today!

The Power of Imagination

Hi There,

Today i want to write about a better idea on a tech story and i will like to talk to you about it.

I have been greatly impressed about how technology has greatly improved our lives in general.

It has saved millions of people from death, calamity and has improved the standard of living of thousands if not millions of people today.

Science has improved past inventors creations and kept standing on their shoulders to make the world a better place.

Charles Babbage was the first inventor of Computer, today, computers have come in different shapes and design that amazes me till today.

Louis Pasteur invented Biogenesis law, pasteurization, vaccination, immunization and bacteriology, but today science through technology has greatly influenced and greatly improved on it.

i can list thousands of inventors in the past that have greatly changed our world and life. Men like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Blaise Pascal, Issac Newton, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs just to mention a few.

Today, i want to share something bigger to you.

To advance in technology is to tap into the Powers of our Imagination.

What is so powerful about it? This is because, in our imagination lies no limit to the human mind. It is where our creativity, inventions, innovations, wisdom, knowledge, understanding lies.

These men of the past, where able to SEE via their imagination what to do to make their world a better place and if we are to do more than them, we need to tap into the SAME POWER that got their invention working.

In the past when aeroplanes were yet to be made, the wright brothers SAW a metal flying, but the scientists of their days mocked them and told them IT IS NEVER POSSIBLE. But today, they are so wrong. Not only are aeroplanes flying, Jets and autopilot jets and planes are existing today.

It reminds of what Late Zig Ziglar said in ‘See You At The Top’, ‘Let the little world laugh at you, they are the ones missing the good things of life. The little world laughed at the wright brothers, but the big world gathered to see them get off the ground the first time. LET THEM LAUGH AT YOU. It is MANDATORY. But i assure you the big world will be gathered at the finish line cheering you across.’

T.L.Osborn also said, ‘We must never limit our desires, stifle our IMAGINATION, strangle our faith, smother our enthusiasm, restrain our endurance, asphyxiate i.e.suffocate our aspiration (what you desire to become), suppress our IMPROVEMENT. We must inquire and admire what we desire, then aspire to get them, require about it by asking on how we can get it, perspire if need be, then we can acquire or possess them.’

I believe this sums everything up.

That is why i have never stopped developing my mind, for that is where the seat of creativity and thoughts dwell. You can never grow beyond your thoughts, for it is the power that makes impossibility possible and that is where we need to begin. We become what we think.

For instance, i have been asthmatic since i was 7 years. My desire was to be a medical doctor to ease the pain of sick people because i have been there. But well, divinity never wired me for it due to the stress it entails.

However, i intend to build an Hospital in the nearest future, by being exceedingly rich to build it. My desire is to build according to the standard of John Hopkins Hospital, one of the best Hospitals in the world. Employing great MDs of great minds who can INVENT a Vaccine for asthma patients. That is my dream and am gradually planning it.

That is why i develop my minds and pen down my discoveries in my books, i titled:

1. Towards Mental Excellence:

2. How to Translate Imagination into Realities:

The essence of writing these books is to inspire invention amidst great minds to explore the powers of our minds and make our world a better place to be.

In my discovery as i said in Towards Mental Excellence that ‘the highest order of mental excellence is accessible by inspiration- inspiration is the master key to SUPERNATURAL INTELLIGENCE’. And every invention we will ever make will have to come via INSPIRATION.

How to connect to inspiration is to connect with what and who you are and what you are born to become.

Develop your minds and read. Learning is what taps into the 3 levels of our mind:

1. Conscious level

2. Sub-conscious level

3. Unconscious level.

Until we connect with our unconscious level, where we do things without thinking e.g like riding a car, swimming, doing things we love. Until then, we remain in our sub conscious level, where we just master our arts and we don’t do them without thinking.

We need to get into our unconscious realm and do things with ease.

Only then can we invent great things in technology that our eyes are yet to see.

In closing i will inspire you with E.W.Kenyon’s saying,

Form habits of study, habits of industry. Learn to save the moments, the hours will take care of themselves. Drive your mind; become an absolute slave-driver over your own faculties. They are your slaves, your servants. Make them work. Make them study. Make them develop. Kill laziness and tha droning habit of dreaming. Transform it into vital energy. Set the dynamic of a tremendous purpose loose inside you.

Make your time your wealth. Make moments pay dividends. Carve out of everyday that which spells success tomorrow. Make yourself worthwhile. Make yourself so attractive, so vitally attractive, so valuable that MEN WILL HUNT AFTER YOU.

Make opportunities where no opportunities ever existed before. Make yourself ready for the opportunity. Wasting time is wasting ability. Don’t waste time. IT IS ALL YOU HAVE’– Excerpts from TOWARDS MENTAL EXCELLENCE.

Get these books today and let’s make our world a better place to be.

You can reach me  and access ALL of my books via:

Thank you.

How to Market Your Product And Services

Hi There again,

How are you today? I hope what you planned went well.

How far have you gone in marketing your products and services to your audience?

You see marketing is a concept that you need to understand very well to be able to tap into its powers and change your business forever.

Today, i want to enlighten you on how to market your products and services using these simple steps:

  1. You must identify products are needed and wanted. Not all products sell. However, you must know the ones that would be needed by people. You must know WHAT TO SELL.
  2. How would you know 1 above? it is through your targeted audience. What do they need most? Then in what age bracket are they? WHAT PRODUCT/SERVICES DO YOU HAVE PASSION FOR THAT CHANGED YOUR LIFE AND THAT YOU CAN PURCHASE YOURSELF and market it?
  3. Categorize your audience in 2 above into:

a. Men

b. Women

c. Children: Toddlers etc

d. Teens

e. Adults.

f. Old/aged ones

Using the above age brackets will let you identify and zero in your audience.

4. Learn how to sell. To sell requires you to be convinced about your products and to be a Master of Words and Persuasion. Your product must give high use value to your customers.

5. Use the content marketing technique to market your products. This will give you a superb reverse marketing, in which it is your customers that will be advertising your products to their friends and families.

6. Use the law of partnership by connecting with companies that have already established their businesses and are already succeeding. This will announce your products and services the more.

7. Utilize the power of the social media.

Leave a comment if you find this tip helpful.

How To Build Your Credibility To Generate Sales In Business.

Hi There.
I Have Been Brainstorming And Making Researches And More Discoveries On Building A Credible And Profitable Business And Some Of My Discoveries Am Going To Share With You: It Is On Building Credibilty In Business.
Derek Sivers Said, ‘To Succeed In Business, You Have To Be Genuine In Profitability And Most People Don’t.’
To Build Profitability, You Need To Build Your Credibility.
What Is Credibility? Credibility Is When Your Company Get Things Done, Stays True To Their Word And Has An History Of Successes.
To Build Credibility, It Does Take Time As People First Observe, If You Can Be Trusted.
But You Don’t Need To Wait For Eternity. You Can Begin From The Level That You Are.
So How Do You Build Credibility?
1. Be Honest.
2. Have A Mission Statement And Have Value And Stay True To Them.
3. Be Objective.
4. Be Honest.
5. Be Sincere. Be Yourself.
6. Give Quality Service
You May Be Wondering, How Do I Have A Mission Statement?
It Is Easy: see it here

Owning A Marketing Sheet To Generate Sales.

Hello There.
Today Is Another Day In The World Of Sales.
And Today, I Want To Share Something Important With You That Will Help You Rake In Sales. What Is It? It Is Owning Or Having A Marketing Sheet.
What Is A Marketing Sheet?
A Marketing Sheet Is Your Sales Report. It Is The Fastest Way To Measure How Your Sales Have Been In The Previous Years And Now.
Most Successful Businesses And Entrepreneurs Have This Every Year. You Need This Too.
Without This, You Won’t Know How Successful Your Marketing And Business Strategies Have Been.
Your Marketing Sheet Enables You To Brainstorm On How To Develop More Effective Marketing Strategies To Generate More Sales For You.
How Do You Own One?
1. You Can Use A Spread Sheet.
2. A Journal
3. A Microsoft Excel
4. A Portfolio.
Let It Consists, Date, Year, List Of Products sales
To Be Well Organized, Open A Chart For Each Year And Month.
To Know More Get The Book At Our Store: 30 Ways To Create Sales In Business:

How To Sell A Product.

Craign Ballaynte said, ‘You need to learn how to sell.’
Every business owner must know the concept of selling to be successful.
Your sales power is determined by your seller power.
To sell you must know about:
1. copywriting, selling on a stage or closing a deal with clients in a one on one setting.
2. What to sell and what is in high demand and what is of high value.
3. Your Optimal Selling Strategy.
4. How to become a master persuader.
Your persuading power is your bargaining and selling power.
If your persuasion power is low, you are already defeated before you set out.
The question then arises how do you boost your persuasion power?
A. Be persuaded first.
B. The impact of your product. How valueable is it.
C. You must be fully convinced that your clients really needed your products.
Want to know more about how to increase your selling power?
Then this book will help you to do just that. What is the book? 20 Secrets in Making Excellent Sales in Marketing: