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How to Generate Sales and Leads on the Social Media: What the Social Media is NOT.

Hi there and welcome to another time on business tips.

Today i want to bring an important CONCEPT to you and its about the social media and its impact on your business.

I once made the mistake of blasting my online store link all over the social media thinking it would catch people’s attention. On the contrary it did not until i began to understand this concept very well.

As i understood it better and better, I began to have my results and i began to generate sales and leads over and over again.

what was my secret? BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS and my eagerness to help my prospects or clients to succeed. Most importantly, I BEGAN TO BUILD MY AUTHORITY IN MY FIELD OF EXPERTISE and soon, people who needed me began to sought for my counsel and in the process of solving their problems i began to make sales and leads  myself.

So today, i want to lay EMPHASIS on WHAT THE SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT.

The social media was not built MAJORLY for business transactions but rather it was built to build relationships and to CONNECT with people building rapport.

Therefore understanding the true purpose of the social media will enable you to tap into the power of the social media better, thus aligning yourself to sales and leads or signups it has to offer.

So the question arises, what is NOT the social media so that you can avoid it and thus be successful in your business as it deals with the social media?

  1. Remember that the social media is A MARKETING CONCEPT and until you understand its design, you can’t tap into the benefits it has to offer your business. To know more about concepts and how to use its power to build your business, please get the book at our store
  2. Never private message anyone with your business opportunity unless if you
    have built a rapport with them or struck a relationship with them at the
  3. . Never private message a stranger on the social media. They will bluff you
    off and can annoy them.
  4. Don’t befriend anyone just for them to join your business opportunity or to
    buy your product. The truth? You don’t know them and as a result, you don’t
    know their needs or wants. They are just strangers and that is just what they are.
    You need to get to know them first and that in a much deeper or in a cordial way
    before you can present anything to them. It can be annoying. People have done
    this a lot to me so I know this first-hand. Don’t do it. It is a wrong way. I don’t
    do it at all unless if I know them and I have built a relationship with such. So
    most of the time, my clients purchase from me when I do.
    In some social media that I belong, I have seen members being suspended for
    this singular action. Don’t do it.

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what will you find in the book?

1. What the Social Media Is and what it is NOT? This will help you to refine your marketing strategy.
2. The types of social media and how to tap into each media to grow your business.
3. Rules associated to it so that you will be able to get effective results.
4. You will know about Social Media Marketing and what it entails to grow your business.
5. How to brand your business on the social media to create sales and leads for your business.
6. How to tap into the power of the social media and grow your business.
7. How to create influence on the social media by building your Social Media Presence and lots more.
You need to get into the book to know this.
Since i got the FULL understanding of the social media, i have been incurring both sales and leads running sometimes to 5 figures.
You too can. I wrote the book with you in mind.
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The 5 Marketing Fundamental Skills You need To Build Your Business.

Hi there

How are you today? Today i have something very important to share with you that i have been using to build my business for the past 16 years and they do work.

once you know these skills and you build it, it will soar sales for you that you have never seen before.

i have tested these skills on the field myself in my marketing career of 16 years and they have never disappointed me.

it is what i have used to generate sales and leads till date and are still growing.

Building these skills are very essential to the survival of your business and its growth.

This is your ONLY  way to make even against the competition around and the change of Jobs that are going on now.

Mark Ford, one of my mentors said,’You can’t possibly know what functional skills will be most valuable in the future. But  I know this because there are fundamental skills that will help you build wealth regardless of what career path you choose‘.

Based on the above, things are rapidly changing and if you still want to be relevant to make your money in the business world, then you need these skills.

what are these skills?

  1. The Skill of Salesmanship: This is the cutting edge. Every business can only grow via the ability to sell and to sell well, you must determine the following:

a. The most cost-effective way of attracting customers.

b. The best way to keep those customers buying.

c. Knowing what to sell.

d. Creating valuable products.

e. Good and quality customer experience.

f. Affordable prices of products.

g. Ability to persuade…. just to mention a few.

Building your skill in this area will create an influx of money towards your direction all the time.

2. The Skill of Marketing: i cannot emphasize this enough. Just marketing your products is not the ideal thing. YOU MUST HAVE THE SKILL THAT MAKES YOU A SUCCESSFUL MARKETER. This is the real reason you need to get the knowledge that makes for a successful marketing career and to do this, you need to read and update yourself on what marketing is all about and what it entails. How do you know all these that can help? These marketing collections will help.

These marketing collections will show explicitly what marketing is all about and how to maneuver yourself around the marketing industry and be successful.

3. The Skill of Creating Saleable Ideas: ideas are great, but they are not profiting, if they are NOT creative in nature. Not all ideas sell, but the most profound is the ones that has the ability to generate desired results and to do this, it requires building your mental prowess. This affords you the opportunity to tap into the vastness of your resources through information. That is why it is said THAT INFORMED MEN ARE CURRENT AND SUCCESSFUL MEN. if you are not updated, you will be left behind.

Creative ideas are born in the place of meditation and meditation is an act of the mind. These two powerful mind building books will assist you and you will be on your way to achieve this skill.

Remember that you can’t sell knowledge, you sell skill. Knowledge is not marketable. it is a function of tactics, the strategies you engage in handling your business. A bachelor’s degree in computer science does not give you a job.It is your expertise on the system that does. Build your mind to give you a creative saleable ideas today. The aforementioned books will help you.

4. The Skill of Buying Right: Being shrewd is an asset in business. Knowing and buying at a good price is a saving money profit.

Investors understand this very much.

You need to build this skill as it is a cost effective saving tactic to you.

This is also the advanced skill of negotiation to achieve a favourable price. This is the key of wealth builders. You need to build that skill if getting rich is your ideal.

5. The Skill of Managing Profits: This is developing an eye for detail and a knowledge of pricing.

A good marketer needs to understand the importance of keeping a sales report or a marketing sheet.

i can’t emphasize this enough.This sheet enables you to understand and evaluate your progress and how successful your methods of operation has been.

Not owning a marketing sheet is like going to school without your writing materials.

So how can you own one? it is simple.

You can create a Microsoft excel, a journal or a book keeping all depend on what you want your marketing sheet to can even be a spreadsheet as long as it can serve that purpose.

To know more about this marketing sheet and what it offers, get the book here.

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How to Boost Sales on the Social Media.

Today, i want to share something powerful with you that has the potential to boost your sales. What is it? It is How to boost sales on the social media.
To the glory of God, i have been able to generate sales for my business both offline and online and i have been able to move with social media gurus on the web and i have been able to handle results as a result.
These social media steps are what am using to boost sales for my business  via leads and referrals. So the secrets i share with you are real, reliable and authentic.
What are those steps?
1. Use the social media to create an approachable persona that encourages people to contact you and follow through when they reach out.
2. Send traffic to your blog, where deeper conversations can take place. Create pages for each program that you are doing. Make the content rich. Here, create different pages for your business. What do i mean? DO NOT USE YOUR PERSONAL PROFILE FOR YOUR BUSINESS. YOU NEED TO DIFFERENTIATE THE TWO. It took me sometime before i came to realize this. When i did, i created a business page on facebook: Jesus Ventures Limited International. This is the page i use to connect with potential customers and where i share business, marketing, inspirational and motivational tips.
To expand my business, i created a store page known as Yeshua Online Store: Here, i use to announce my business products. Today, people know me for this.
To expand and advertize my affiliate business, i had a landing page .
To expand my audience, i created a business group on facebook: Global Entrepreneurs Business Forum.

I created pages or boards on Pinterest and Instagram . My point? Create and differentiate your PERSONAL PROFILE FROM YOUR BUSINESS.

3. Have a clear call to action on the blog so people can do something when they get there.

4. Use landing pages on your site for  specific channels of your business.

5. Put your contact information everywhere on your blog, basic but often ignored.

6. Post often and keep posting. Let your post be 80-95% information and the remaining 20-5% promotional.
You are competing with other business on the social media, most concentrate on promotionals. You must have a cutting edge. No one is going to listen to you because you posted something promotional, they will listen only when they begin to follow you.
Content sharing is the easiest and the one that may get you more followers faster.
You must have an audience that wants your content. For your audience to want your content, you have what they need within your advert.

7. Be the celebrity expert in your field. Be an Authority in what you are sharing and remain focus on it. Don’t divert.Once people know you as an Authority in your field, they will contact you once your help is needed.

They may NOT do that now, but they are watching you and see if you can be trusted and how you can ACTUALLY LAST. So, keep doing your thing and be a blessing.
My followers grow everyday on the social media and if you want to do the same, you must abide with the secrets that i just showed you.
To know more, i discovered 14 ways, get my book, ‘30 WAYS TO CREATE SALES IN YOUR BUSINESS.’

it will show you all you need to know and how to generate sales. it is AFFORDABLE TOO.

How to Use Synergy in Marketing

Synergy has been overused in these past decades and once you know how it is used, it can bring a massive result for you.
Synergy is not just a matter of combining things; it is a matter of understanding how things work and which things you should put together..
To use synergy, you must consider the combinations you want to bring together and this must be in line with each field e.g. you don’t combine Pay per Click search ads with TV ads. They are different audiences. Offline and online businesses are different businesses with different marketing methods; combining them both will not produce a true synergy.
So, for this to work, you need to identify related fields that go together and combine them e.g. Business and marketing are interwoven, but yet different.
To use synergy in business, you need to come under the umbrella of the business concepts that come in line with marketing concepts.
To make synergy work is to combine your products and services into the main frame of marketing and combine them together.
In this book, you will learn on:
1. What marketing is all about and what it entails.
2. What is Synergy and how it works.
3. Practicals ways to use it in your business and marketing.
4. The different synergy concepts that you can combine in your business and maximize this concept to make your business explode and lots more.
It is a MUST if you want to be updated in your field and utilize the new discovery to grow your business.
It is powerful, explosive and practical.
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