Jesus Ventures Limited is an info, internet, consultancy firm, with the aim to help our various customers to make maximum profits in their different businesses through our well defined and proven materials that can help them to achieve this.  Recently, we ventured into the content marketing business, to see how we can use that to boost our customers profit in take, and we are glad about the result. A trial will convince you. This is a tip of our materials that we use.It can all be purchased online or delivered to you by DHL or by Fed_ex.  Pls, just make sure that your address given is correct, to avoid loss of materials and wastage of money. Thank You




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  1. 1.                                          YOUR SELF-IMAGE

Your self – image is the first key in marketing. This is because it comprises of your entire figure and personality. This is where most marketers and businesses fail. They have a very low self- esteem and a very low self –image.  Get Zig Ziglar’s bk “See You At The Top “for more on this.

Confidence, courage is very essential here. And this can only come through a positive self-esteem or image. This has NOTHING TO DO WITH EGO. It HAS A LOT TO DO WITH THE WAY YOU SEE YOURSELF. How much, for instance, are you worth? It all depends on what is within. This can only come through self-discovery through the pages of related books. Only discoverers, recovers.

  1. 2.                               ACTIVATED PURPOSE AND PLAN.

Your must have a documented and well – detailed plan of what you really want. Your mental attitude matters a lot here. You have to visualize the specific profit of what your organization wants, within a specified time and period. And table the execution of the same with your board members. Then, make realistic goals

      3                                           LOCATION 

Your location, an adage says, determines your allocation. The riches that is drawn towards your direction is largely determined by your location.

If your location is a densely marketable area, the best for you. what you have must meet the  needs of your location or where you are resident.

What you have not withstanding, then your market will sky rocketeth beyond your wildest dream. Capitalize on the resources within your location to your advantage & profit.


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