How to Generate Sales and Leads on the Social Media

Hi there and welcome to another time on business tips.

Today i want to bring an important CONCEPT to you and its about the social media and its impact on your business.

I once made the mistake of blasting my online store link all over the social media thinking it would catch people’s attention. On the contrary it did not until i began to understand this concept very well.

As i understood it better and better, I began to have my results and i began to generate sales and leads over and over again.

what was my secret? BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS and my eagerness to help my prospects or clients to succeed. Most importantly, I BEGAN TO BUILD MY AUTHORITY IN MY FIELD OF EXPERTISE and soon, people who needed me began to sought for my counsel and in the process of solving their problems i began to make sales and leads  myself.

So today, i want to lay EMPHASIS on WHAT THE SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT.

The social media was not built MAJORLY for business transactions but rather it was built to build relationships and to CONNECT with people building rapport.

Therefore understanding the true purpose of the social media will enable you to tap into the power of the social media better, thus aligning yourself to sales and leads or signups it has to offer.

So the question arises, what is NOT the social media so that you can avoid it and thus be successful in your business as it deals with the social media?

  1. Remember that the social media is A MARKETING CONCEPT and until you understand its design, you can’t tap into the benefits it has to offer your business. To know more about concepts and how to use its power to build your business, please get the book at our store
  2. Never private message anyone with your business opportunity unless if you
    have built a rapport with them or struck a relationship with them at the
  3. . Never private message a stranger on the social media. They will bluff you
    off and can annoy them.
  4. Don’t befriend anyone just for them to join your business opportunity or to
    buy your product. The truth? You don’t know them and as a result, you don’t
    know their needs or wants. They are just strangers and that is just what they are.
    You need to get to know them first and that in a much deeper or in a cordial way
    before you can present anything to them. It can be annoying. People have done
    this a lot to me so I know this first-hand. Don’t do it. It is a wrong way. I don’t
    do it at all unless if I know them and I have built a relationship with such. So
    most of the time, my clients purchase from me when I do.
    In some social media that I belong, I have seen members being suspended for
    this singular action. Don’t do it.

For more on how to generate sales and leads on the social media,please go here

what will you find in the book?

1. What the Social Media Is and what it is NOT? This will help you to refine your marketing strategy.
2. The types of social media and how to tap into each media to grow your business.
3. Rules associated to it so that you will be able to get effective results.
4. You will know about Social Media Marketing and what it entails to grow your business.
5. How to brand your business on the social media to create sales and leads for your business.
6. How to tap into the power of the social media and grow your business.
7. How to create influence on the social media by building your Social Media Presence and lots more.
You need to get into the book to know this.
Since i got the FULL understanding of the social media, i have been incurring both sales and leads running sometimes to 5 figures.
You too can. I wrote the book with you in mind.
It is your time to make yours on the social media. I will hold your hand through the book and teach you.
Are you ready? Then GET THE BOOK. SEE YOU INSIDE.


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