How to build a Successful Ministry

SoulWinning Business Organization

Hi There,

Today, i will like to share something important to you that aches my heart and God’s heart as well.

Many are called but few are chosen. If you are called into the ministry, then this is for you.

There is no greater joy than doing God’s work. God’s training in Ministry is really work but it does pay in the end.

Ministry is NOT FOR BABIES BUT FOR MATURED MEN. people wonder why God would NOT support them  and send them helpers.  They are part of the plan. BUT IT MUST FOLLOW GOD’S ORDAINED PLAN AND PATTERN. That is the KEY.

Success in ministry is NOT A DAY is a life time thing.

One day, while cooking, I felt God’s presence so strong that i actually knew where He was in the kitchen.He was actually at the door and He was reading my thoughts. My thought was…

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