You are Created to be Honoured

Hi There,

welcome to another time of insight.

Today, i want to share something powerful and revolutionary to you and what is that? it is YOU ARE CREATED TO BE HONOURED.

This is an inspirational topic and i will like you to pay close attention.

This topic came as a result of what happened on the 31st of May 2016. it is an incident i will NEVER forget in my life.

I have suffered humiliation, rejection for quite sometime, which led to dishonour for me. i have honoured men all my life. when it came to my turn, i really would not understand.

Here is an excerpt from the book. Happy reading:

‘I have experienced dishonour and humiliation for so long and i was getting sick of it. On this date:  May 31st, i received humiliation from my spouse for asking my son to fast for his exams, for he had not prepared well for his exams due to my ill health.

As if that was not enough, my pleadings for my son’s timing to pay for his school fees was turned down and he was sent home for it. i had begged the school earlier before resumption to give me time. i gave the time frame to them and it was accepted.

i was shocked that after all my pleadings, my voice was not heard. Believe me, i felt so humiliated and dishonoured. i had never felt that way all my life.

Every past humiliation and dishonour due to my health accumulated together that day.

With that pain and agony, i wept sore before God and asked God to honour me.  i had purged myself of any iniquity that could dishonour me.

As i was asking God to honour me, humbling myself, i received the shock of my life. God told me, ‘YOU ARE CREATED TO BE HONOURED, that it was my right as a child of God, that i should stop begging Him  for what was rightfully mine.

Right there, insights upon insights on what honour is, ought to be and how to be honoured began to come.

God gave me 12 powerful prayer points to pray and right there everything changed and at that MOMENT THE BOOK WAS BORN‘.

I had suffered marital abuse for 13 years straight due to my health and i bore it.

I realized that there are so many people out there like me, who are being dishonoured and humiliated for who they are, what they stand for and by being different from the crowd, is the book therefore born.

So, if you are like me, the book is born to INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE AND MOTIVATE YOU to stand for what is true, just and right and be you, being different.

Your gender is wrapped up in Glory, Virtue and Honour.

in the book, i narrated my life experience there to encourage people like me to move on with their lives, because THEIR CREATOR AND MAKER MADE THEM WITH HONOUR. i have been receiving encouraging mails since this book came out. Be a blessing to someone going through abuse, humiliation and dishonour and bring them out of depression and inferiority complex by getting the book for them.

You would have saved a life from COMMITTING SUICIDE!

You can get the book here

or you can email me at


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