The Law of Reciprocity

Hi there and happy weekend to you.
Today, i want to share a business concept with you that will change your business sales forever and what is it? it is the POWER OF RECIPROCITY.
What is reciprocity?
Reciprocity is a business and marketing concept that gives something back to what is being received.
We do this a lot for our clients.
Those who purchased our most expensive products like our business book, ‘30 Ways to Create Sales in Your Business‘:  we give them an extra business e bk on ‘how to overcome challenges in business and your self image’ to boost and build their business to be productive.
To those who purchase our women’s products e.g our corporate women’s white suit: we give them 2 things:
1. A Corporate pen with the inscription of the store’s name and a Thank You for Your Patronage label.
2. A Corporate T shirt with the emblem of our client’s business logo with the picture of our client, their website and the Mission Statement of their business.
This is an advertisement concept that expands our clients business in sales. productivity and popularity.
This way, we’ve given 1000% ROI on their purchase of $210 plus shipping which they receive within 10 days.
Now, we are very low in stock.
To those who purchase our musical CDs/DVDs, we put an extra one.
This is reciprocity at work.
This concept works in two ways:
1. A Free gift with purchase as i described above.
2. A Free content.
An example is this post, where you give your clients free content with what you are offering them that has the power to change their lives and business.
Sit down with these tips and utilize this business concept for your business.
To know more about concepts and how to use it to grow your business, kindly check our store at for it.


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