The Concepts of Marketing

Every profession always has concepts by which they operate.

Marketing also has its own concepts. Terminologies define concepts and each terminology differs from profession to profession and so, thus their concepts.

That said, a concept or idea has to be designed to work. it is not a concept until it has an operative system within it to work.

Marketing also has concepts by which it operates and works and that is why as a marketer, you need to know and understand these concepts and how they operate.

You may ask, ‘why should i understand these concepts?’

you need to so that you can be the best and an expert in your field. it will show you when you come before the professionals in your industry and you will not be a novice when these terms are being discussed.

You will be recognized and honoured as a result plus they will see you as a consultant when the need arises and that can boost your credibility and thus your sales.

Not only that, it will help you plan your marketing strategies and business well. You will be able to know how marketing works and be able to apply yourself to its demands and be successful.

My company was able to discover 12 marketing concepts as against the 5 that the industry discovered years ago. Marketing concepts change all the time.

You may ask, ‘How did we discover this?’

As the CEO of the company, i was ruminating over the concepts in marketing in building my business recently  and i began to dive into what marketing is ALL about.

In my recent book, ‘How to Become a Great Salesman- 25 steps‘, i mentioned some of the 5 major concepts in marketing:

  1. communication
  2. Attitude
  3. Body Language.

The remaining part i said can be found in my book, ‘20 Secrets in Making Excellent Sales in Marketing

I was right but i was not satisfied. I wanted to know more. so, in my research i found the following:

  • Product concept
  • Service concept
  • Marketing concept
  • Advertising concept
  • Social Media Concept.

In all these researches, i realized that marketing is more than the above. My question was,’What of the customers who are the end means?’

Marketing cannot stand alone without the end result, which is the customer. Then marketing cannot also stand alone without a place to operate whether offline or online.

So, i began to fine tune all the concepts that can be found in marketing that can form the full success of what marketing is.

So, i came up with 12. No where on the web will you see the remaining 7. i came up with that.

I will share just 2 with you.

a. Communication: Marketing is a communication business and it is important that you know and use the communication tools which are: Your mind, your face, your body and your voice.

How do you use them?

Your mind SHOWS you what to say while your face, body and voice show you HOW to SAY it.

once you utilize these communication tools, you have successfully utilize the communication concept.

b. Sales; This is the essence of marketing: the generation of sales. Without sales, there is no marketing.

Marketing exists because of sales and to be able to use this concept, is to know the different ways of generating sales and to be able to know these ways explicitly, please, purchase my book, ‘30 Ways to Create Sales in Your Business.’

Want to know ALL these concepts? i put ALL these concepts  in my latest book titled, The Concepts of Marketing

Get it today! learn also the 14 Fundamentals in marketing and how to use them to build your marketing campaigns and adverts.



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