The Usage Of Time And Your Business.

Today, I Want To Share Something With You That Changed My Life Forever And Very Profoundly. What Is It? It Is On The Usage Of Time.
I Realized That In 365 Days, We Have 8760 Hours.
Using 8 Hours To Sleep To Be Active, You Would Have Used 2920 Hours Which Will Remain 5840 Hours.
Using 8 Hours To Sleep, Will Remain 16 Hours Left In A Day To Make Our Dreams Come True.
My Question, What Do You Do With The Remaining Hours?
Do You Know That If You Are Not Successful, It Is Your Fault?
We All Have 24 Hours And Yet We All Do Not Turn Out The Same Way.
Some Are Rich And Some Are Poor.
The Difference? It Is The Usage Of Time.
Time Is A Commodity That You Can Never Buy And At The Same Time, It Is What You Have To Make Anything Happen In Your Life.
How You Use It Will Determine How It Will Reward You.
It Can Either Be An Enemy To You Or A Friend.
Invest Into It And It Will Be Your Friend And Give You Rich Dividend Or Waste It On Pleasures And It Will Become An Enemy And Return Poverty To You.
Use Your Time Wisely.


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