7 Ways To Turn Your Ideas Into A Reality

Hello there. It is good to be back.
I am so sorry that i have not been updating my blog.
Things have turned up great for me and i am trying to catch up on all of them.
Also, i have been busy exploring new ways and discoveries on Business and Marketing and working them out on my business and woosh, i have been using my discoveries to generate steady income and sales for myself.
Really? yep!
what about you? oh, don’t worry i am going to share ALL OF THEM WITH YOU.
I have decided to put them all up for you in book formats that you can go back to again and again.
where to get them? You will get them at my online store at http://yeshuastores.tripleclicks.com. You will love the set up and the layout and the books with my collections, that you will go wow! yeah.
Just connect with the store by joining or signing up. IT IS FREE.
Then go to your member center and fill up your profile, address (kindly make sure it is correct, for easy shipping) plus your account details for easy transactions. Paypal payment is accepted at checkout.
we fulfill orders promptly, effectively and well.
we are one of the highly rated store of star 3-5 and any physical products are registered before shipping and you are sent the tracking number to allow proper monitoring.
Also, your physical products get to you within 10-12 days, maximum 14 days. we have proof of this.
So be rest assured that, whatever you ordered will get to you.
You can email me at jesusventureslimited@gmail.com if you want direct orders.
Thanks for your purchase in advance.

Ok, enough about me, let’s get to business.
Yeah, you have got ideas but you couldn’t materialize them? Don’t worry. i am giving you 7 ways am presently using to get mine.
If it worked for me, it will surely work for you too.
what are those ways?
1. know what imagination is all about.
Your ability to make your ideas a reality is to first see it.
until then, your ideas carry No Power!
2. Set realistic goals and a time frame for their accomplishments. Set also short and long terms.
3. Plan. Your ideas will not work without a chart. Your plans create that course of reality.
4. Build a building block i.e set a building structure for its actualization. a building pattern.
5. Take concrete decisions. These are the catalysts that enhance its reality.
Make sure it is a decision, that draws you closer and not away from your ideas’ reality.
6. Take action.
7. Let loose your imagination.
This is where ideas are born, within the fountain of your imagination.
How do i let loose my imagination?
i’ve set it up for you in a book i titled, HOW TO TRANSLATE IMAGINATION INTO REALITIES.
Very profound, practical and easy to understand.
How do you get it? visit the book link directly here to purchase at http://www.tripleclicks.com/14424670/detail.php?item=458347 and it will be delivered to you immediately.
Oh, i’ve missed you all and kindly give me your feedback.

Its from me,
Olufolake Stephen Adams
CEO, FOUNDER/ PRESIDENT of Jesus Ventures Limited International.


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