The Disadvantages Of Diversification In Starting A Business 2

In my last discussion, i discussed extensively about this.
People think doing more than one business at the start of their business is the ideal thing. They are gravely mistaken.
This proverb is fulfilled in them, ‘Jack of all trades, but Master Of None’. You must be known for one thing.
Steve Jobs is known for Apple inc and Pixar
Bill Gates known for Microsoft
Rothchilds for Banking And Financing.
Michael Faraday for Electricity
Wale Adenuga for Oil&Gas, then Telecoms , Dangote for Cement.
Focus brand your business.
Identify that business that pulls your creativity, passion, talents, gifts, patience, vision, skill and pour all of yourself to it. See it as your baby and feed it for it to grow.
Stop distributing or scattering your energy, you are too divided. Shut some down if not all till you are able to identify that singular one before you return gradually to the others.
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