The Disadvantage Of Diversification In Starting A Business.
Diversification breaks focus in business. Every successful entrepreneur knows the importance of concentration in business. I’l illustrate.
In physics, it is realized that when you direct the heat of the Sun on a paper through a magnifying glass, you create a fire.
With the magnifying glass not shifted from the heat of the sun, you create enough fire to burn the fire.
Diversification in starting a business drains your focus and wastes your energy.
One of the business laws says, ‘concentrate on your energy to one singular business and build it. When it is strong and self sustaining, expand and diversify’.
We see this law operate in the ff: Bill Gates, Wale Adenuga, Sam Waltson, Steve Jobs, Robert Kiyosaki, Cosmos Maduka etc
So many people in the name of multiple stream of income, go to more than one MLM or online business and you wonder why you didn’t succeed. Your focus is broken.
Identify out of the multiples, which one do you love mos and concentrate on that.

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