Why Create A Residual Income?

We are in the business world for ONE MAJOR PURPOSE and that is to Make Our Lives Better And Have A Better Standard Of Living.

So everyday, we set out to our different vocations and we sweat it out. After the month, our paycheck comes only for it to be engulfed in the expenses  and debts already on ground. our happiness is short lived. So we look for another plan: Promotion In The Office. So with new enthusiasm, we begin to burn the extra midnight oil and soon enough, we get promoted and we receive our paycheck again, only for us to realize that expenses have increased, so we increase our rent and oh alas, we are repeating the whole cycle again, this time worse even though we are promoted.

You see we need to diverse a PERMANENT PLAN that solves and neutralize this cycle. you see, like Warren Buffett said’Rule1 in building wealth: NEVER LOSE MONEY’. I’ll say, Don’t Incure Debts. if ever, let it be GOOD DEBT. Good debt? hmm.what do i mean?

Let your debt be paid by another source of income and not from your paycheck. How? YOU HAVE TO CREATE A RESIDUAL INCOME where you invest a little of your income to build your wealth, to the point that this second income begins to roll in even when you are not working it or you are not there and it is settling your debts without struggle or worry from your end. Am already working this plan for myself and it is working for me.

Now it is NOT all investments that have a residual income plan in them. But i do operate one and i’ll show you shortly.you can leave a comment or email at oluwafolakemij@gmail.com or visit my website ta http://trafficadbar.com/_7sr2 and inform me when you sign up for the package that i just showed you.

Soon increase in expenses and debts will soon be a thing of the past and you’ll be able to fulfill your dream for yourself and family and i would have been happy to be able to help you achieve it.


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