The Power Of The Creative Mind

It is all over the successful individual and companies. Without creativity, activities become monotonous and it kills a lucrative business.
Creativity is the key to success by which we make our world a better place with better products. We see conglomerates like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Kiyosaki change their world via their creative minds. Through their creative minds, they were able to
1. Create monetary wealth for themselves.
2. They increased their personal charisma to create a social circle of friends and valuable business contacts and associates for themselves.
3. Created self empowering and confidence in their outlook and we admire them.
How did they do it? They feed their minds on relevant books that can stir their creativity to action. One of such book is Creative Mind And Success By Earnest Holmes, a well known man with the Science Of The Mind Telecast. With this book we too can repeat their success.
To know more about the book, kindly visit


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