I have heard a lot about this and i have been blessed by its understanding. But, i realized that people are yet to understand this principle that moulds destinies and businesses as well. It doesn’t follow whether you believe in God or not. The most important thing is discovering your passion and following hard after it. So, what is passion?
Passion is what you love doing most and drives your inner being into progressive action. It gives you consistent energy when you do it. You are never tired. Passion stays on, when all others have failed. This is the secret of most marketers in the world, their passion in what they are selling does not allow them to receive a no for an answer.
Passion makes you smile, makes you happy, irrespective of what you may be facing. It eludes discouragement. Passion fuels encouragement , so you go out every morning at the top of your game, all smiling and sure enough, you will sell. i have experienced it, so i know. someone says in a movie, that let your passion be your profession and i believe it, for that is where true success lies. Pursue your passion and success and excellence will follow you.
To make sales through your passion, you must first, identify where your passion lies in marketing. what do you have flare for, that you can sell and help people with? It must surround solving problems. it may be in anything, just make sure that it solves people’s problems in that area. Do you have any? what would you love to sell most and you will go all out for? That is the business to go for. it may not be popular. you make it popular. how? Through your creativity. Creativity and ideas are born in the place of passion and you desperately need them. Don’t just go into any business, first, find out what it is all about. Do you like it?
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