In my last topic, i told you about the three levels by which a business grows. To grow exponentially in business, you must know these tips also. You Must Develop The Leaders Within You. Like i said earlier, the people within your business hold the key to exponential growth in your company, not the machines. As i said earlier, your relationship with your employees go a long way to give you the expected exponential growth, you so desire. Put yourself in their shoes, how do you want to be treated? Then treat them likewise. They must have a voice in your company. A problem in your business, can be solved by a janitor, that will change the sales of your company, put together. Train your leaders. Train your top executives. Download your vision, purpose, mission statement and goals to them. Let them develop their subordinates. Let their performances be noted and reward such performances, especially the extraordinarily ones. Motivate your subordinates by giving them promotions or prizes for tasks given. Like animals, pavlov realized, man would stretch himself to attain greatness. The essence of this, is to trigger the visualization power of the brain of your subordinates to work. The power of the brain is inexhaustible. And man has been able to achieve a lot through the use of his brain. So to be able to tap into your workers’ brain, you will have to tap into the powers of their imagination and make them see what you see. Thereby, even when you are not around, your productivity will experience an exponential growth.


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