How has been sales recently? Any sign of growth in the last quarter? There are different levels of growth that a business undergo. 1. Arithmetical Growth. 2. Geometrical Growth 3. Exponential Growth. The Arithmetical growth is the addition growth. This is the kind of level, that most businesses are. This is a slow pace growth. The Geometrical growth is the multiplication growth. It expands a business, but, does not give it full expansion. It works as a separate entity. The Exponential Growth is a multiplication growth in bounds and in compounds. It is a growth multiplied by bigger numbers. It is like a compound interest. When your business begins to make a million within the shortest of time, it is known as an exponential growth. So, you ask, how do i experience an exponential growth? It is simple. I will give you tips that you can use. 1. Develop Or Train Your Employees. These are the work force within your organization, and they are the life of your company. You must train them.  You must enlighten them. You must know how to boost the morale level of your employees, for they are the  productive sector by which your company rises or falls. You must be concerned about their welfare. Most of your employees will give their unresolved loyalty to your company through this means, thereby resulting in an exponential growth in your business. 2. Empower And Envision Your Board Members. You must learn to delegate and trust your board members.  Insecurity is not a factor here. Meeting regularly at specific periods, give you the foresight to expand. Every individual of your board have a task and a definite time to execute and finish the task. This gives enormous growth to your business. To have an exponential growth in business, you have to develop  your relationship skills across board and across your employees.


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