Having a focus in business, is to have concentration on a single path. An adage says, Jack of all trades, but, master of none.
I know the essence of diversification, but, you must first, be focused on a singular goal or business, Let that business grow, for it to become a ‘business tree.’Then, diversify.
So many people jump from one business to the other looking for ways to make it. The truth is, you won’t make it in either way, because, you are already divided.
Concentration is a vital force that will enable your business to grow. You must learn to focus on that goal or plan that you have incur for yourself.
For Instance in physics, it has been said that light travels on a straight line. To be able to do this, three boxes are made with holes and are placed on a straight line with their holes aligned together. Placing a bulb at the end of the box, narrow the light created to pass through those holes and you are able to see the bulb at the other side. This speaks about focus. A vision is never realized without a focus.
A business man once said that concentration energizes your mental power to come alive.Don’t be difocused, concentrate on one thing per time. It increases your level of profitability and productivity.


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