Marketing Networking is a principle in marketing that involves connecting with your prospects on a larger scale. This networking principle is what determines the largeness or capacity of your trade or sales.It is like business networking in exponential growth in business. Marketing too as its own exponential growth. it is the marketing networking principle.
This is a web connection that you have with your prospects and buyers This can happen on your relationship skill with your prospects.You have to have and build a relationship with your prospect, who is yet to be a buyer. For your prospect to be a buyer, there is the need for trust to be built. This may take sometime or within minutes depending on your delivery of your presentation of your product. Like i tell marketers, learn to put on a smiling face, when you approach people for a sale. Have a mental review of what you are selling, without your reference to your manual. Be good at your presentation. This boosts your competency before your prospects, as they are motivated to buy. Once trust is built between you and your prospects, it will be easier to sell and to connect to other prospects that your customer may introduce to you. That is Marketing Networking in place. This will boost your targeted audience, and once, your targeted audience is increased, the more sales, you will make.
One secret in marketing is the ability to first grow prospects, even if sale is not yet in view. Having contact with people, raises
your hope of making more sales.
Marketing Networking enables sales in a more expanding way, as prospects link you with other prospects who will need your product, thereby, making a web sales for you.
Hear this testimony:
When I was working with AIICO, I utilize this networking principle a lot and i had many prospects to explore. I built trust with my first customers, who linked me with those that will need my product. As a result I insured people of prominent status.
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