Have it at the back of your mind that there is nothing that you cannot achieve, if you set your mind on it. It has been discovered that man has up to 14 to 100 billion brain has also, been discovered that , if the brain is properly exercised, its potential capabilities, efficiency self programming nature puts it in a class beyond the computer. At the root of every gain is the use of the brain. It is brain work that makes things work. Atlas  Shrugged said that Wealth Is the Product of Man’s Capacity To Think. Henry Ford also said that “thinking is hard work and only few engage in it”.

You use your mind every day to access information in a millisecond. Am I wrong? No!  Right now, you can recognize so many things at the same time within the snap of a finger.That is to let you know what you have.

Mental distinction is a function of the volume of information that you have. Rich men are well informed men. To access huge profits in business through your brain, you must first, go through what I call FACT FINDING STUDY. This is a research work on what you want. Few people do this and it shows in their business.

Secondly, you must exercise your brain. Thinking is one of its exercise. Henry Ford said,’Thinking is hard work and only few people engage in it’. Separateness and quietness help the brain to think through issues. Your brain works best in a quiet environment.

Thirdly, Make Realistic Goals. Without making goals,you will not task that brain to work. Making goals help the visualization power of your mind to come to operation. DON’T MAKE UNREALISTIC GOALS . THEY LIMIT YOUR MENTAL PROWESS.

Lastly, AVOID COMPETITION IN BUSINESS.Why? Because, the ladder you use to rise is the same ladder that will bring you down if you compete.Your brain has lots of ideas, yet undiscovered by others. Use it. Explore it, and target Increase. Compete with yourself. It raises your brain intellect to work.You task it to produce this way. There are many grounds yet to be discovered by others, explore those areas. This is what is known as BUSINESS NETWORKING. It is the level of huge profits.

If you want to know more about the use of the brain, you can get my book, TOWARDS MENTAL EXCELLENCE BY OLUFOLAKE STEPHEN ADAMS  In it, you will learn how to excel in your field of study, how to make it, in spite of all odds, the unlimited power embedded within your mind and the components of power that reside in you. With this,  you will know how to maximize your mental power.You can call+2348052432829 or +2347045346449 or call for business materials, that are tested and proven. call us today and you will be glad, you did!


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