Hello friends, are you tired in your marketing business? You are not making ends meet and as a result, you are frustrated? You don’t have to, the answer is here. You have been rejected more often than not? Don’t despair. There are answers to rejection. You can turn that rejection into vital energy that will spell success for you. So, how do you do that? 1. Reconsider, what you are selling. Are they products that people really need? People won’t buy what they don’t need. 2. Develop Your Persuasion Power. Yes, that’s true. Your persuasion power is your bargaining power. Your confidence lies in that power. How do you develop that power of persuasion? 1. What benefit does your product provide for people? 2. Does it solve their problems? 3. Can you buy and use the product yourself? The answers to these questions are what gives your persuasion power a lift. When all your answers are positive, you will do everything to reach people with your product and sure enough, they will buy. Rejection will never matter to you. 3. In the midst of rejection, put on a smile. Appreciate your prospect even though he/she is not buying. He/she may later change his/her mind just because of your attitude. I’ve seen it work for me. Don’t be angry when you hear the word no. Learn to smile. It wins customers in the end. 4. Review Your Packaging Power. Make sure that the quality of your product is equal to the standard of your packaging. People are easily attracted to beauty, whether, fliers or whatever you are selling. 5. Get Information. Information is the key that unlocks the treasures in marketing. Its not enough to just get information, you must have adequate and sufficient information about what you are selling. It speeds up sales for you by boosting your morale. It enlightens you. It makes you to be in charge. It doesn’t matter how many no, you receive, the information in you, will keep firing you up. So Go For Knowledge. The more informed you are, the more productive you become. And that does speak a lot of volume in your sales margin. So, don’t give up. I’d an opportunity to sell an insurance package for an insurance company, i met with a lot of no’s from people, but, i didn’t let that deter me from my goal of being a sales executive. I got adequate information on my product. Build a good relationship with my prospects who said no. Activated my plan and purpose for my product and lo, and behold, i insured people of prominent status. I made sure that my product delivered what it promised. Remember, that’s your duty. By the time i left for another appointment, i had left a stream of prospects for the company to work on, with arrears of commission, i could’t wait to collect 6. Have a plan. Have a focus. Visualize the profit margin you want and work towards it. Learn from those who have made it in marketing. Learn from their stories. It will motivate you beyond the rejection level. You can get my ebook, 20 Secrets In Making Excellent Sales In Marketing Business. Its a book you need to get. In it, it will teach you more on how to handle rejection and turn it into a dynamic energy.


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