How To Make Excellent Sales In Business Marketing

I want to welcome all my viewers, followers and visitors, a happy and prosperous new yr. I know that you might have heard all that, at the beginning of the year. But, i need to say this to you, personally. Thanks so much for viewing my page and website. Every information here is authentic and original. Welcome to a new business working year. I want to drop these tips to you on your sales this year. Every information has been proven, tested and found to be true. I use them on my business and it shows. Put the ff to use to make excellent sales this year.

1. Don’t compete, target increase. Beat your last sales. It gingers your brain to work best, giving you excellent ideas for productivity. Creativity is born when you focus on increase. And creativity is a great tool to amass sales.

2. Never Sell Your Product On The Platform Of Lies. Let your product deliver what it promises to its customers. Telling a lie to sell a product, does not last. Look for the benefits of your product to people and sell on that. Infact, buy and use the product yourself, it’ll give you a first hand benefit of the product. You’ll sell like hot cake.

3. Give Value For Money. Oh, yes. Give value for the money, you take from people. I do not mean that you do not have to drive any bargains at all, or that you are above the necessity for having any dealings with your fellow men. I mean, give to every man more than you take from him. Give him more in use value than the cash value of the thing you take from him. Then, riches in business will come to you.

4. Learn To Handle Rejection. That’s the fact. It is not everybody that will want your product. You must know how to handle an answer no from people. Marketers give up easily here. I faced mine and i succeeded. This is the pivot that has made many marketers to become big sales executives. Just because a big ‘notch’ says no to you, does not mean that you will not receive many yes from others like him. Don’t give up. Get my ebook 10 STEPS IN TURNING REJECTION INTO A TOOL OF POWER IN MARKETING, call +2347045346449 or +2348104941884 for your copies or you can download a sample on any reading device at

5. Learn To Package Yourself Well. The way you are dressed, is the way you will be addressed. You sell your product first, through the way you dress. Work upon your competence in selling yourself. There are four powerful communicating tools that will empower you to sell yourself well: Your Mind, Your Face, Your Body and Your Voice. Your mind shows you what to say, your face, body and voice shows you how to say it. Never panic. Be relaxed always and always have a smiling face. Never be fearful. Fear clouds the mind and paralyses it. An ebook concerning the above topic is now out.  There are 20principles in all. All will be downloaded for your pleasure, once the book is purchased .  Hear this testimony:

I had an opportunity to sell a book. i made N100,000 or more within the space of 3months. At least N11,000 in a week, just by applying the principles in the book. It is simple and workable. Its the excerpt from the book i just shared with you. Lastly, move your business higher, be an infopreneur. Remember, you can monetize what you know on the web. Just be original and authentic. Advertise using Adsense on your blog.


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