Laws Governing Wealth

In talking more on laws governing wealth, i made mention of the ff: 1. Find something doing. 2. Saving 3. Wisdom 4. Investment. 5. Patience 6. Building Assets And Not Liabilities. Today, i’ll like to add to it. I want to try and help you. We suffer, when we break laws that govern anything, including wealth. Being enlighten at something, really gives us speed. 7th Law. CREATIVE IDEAS. Someone once said, it is not all ideas that makes rich, but creative ones. Creativity and inventions are the parents of wealth. Be creative in whatever thing you do. Creativity and Invention are the bedrock of technology today. And those who gave themselves to it, accumulate wealth in the process. 8th Law. YOUR MENTAL PROWESS. The use of the brain cannot be ruled out in these laws of wealth. Dr T.L.Osborn said,’if you satisfy your brain, you will testify in your gain. What you specify to your brain, you will testify in your gain.’ E.W.Kenyon said, ‘Make your brain work, it will sweat, but make it work, it will improve, it will develop, until you become the envy of those around you.’ Atlas Shrugged said, ‘wealth is the product of man’s capacity to think.’ how studious you are is what determines how colourful, you will be mentally. Wealth flows in the direction of energy. It flows best to where mental energy is directed. The truth is, your productivity is tied to the use of your brain. Every time of study is not a wasted time. How do you therefore maximise the brain? Its another topic on its own. Get my book, Towards Mental Excellence shown on my blog and book for your copies. Its not about the money, its about how to utilise the powers of your brain. You can also log to  Maximising Your Mental Prowess. It has 3 parts. There, i explained how to maximise the brain. The truth is, what you do not know, you cannot handle. The more developed your thought life, the more things you will accomplish or achieve. You become what you think. Your thought life is the foundation of everything you become or will ever become. In the book, the levels of the mind was explained and how you can tap into those levels and change your life. Its a must read for you, if you must gain wealth. Is not all about me, but, its my own avenue of helping people to discover and maximise their mental prowess, thereby, fulfilling the vision and dream they so much desire. You can call +2348052432829 or +2348104941884 if you’re interested. The book would soon be in an ebook format. Will let you know once am through.


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