Discovering Wealth Creation Part 2

I want to thank as many as are anticipated to know the end result of what i’ve shared so far. There’s a lot to wealth creation, but you must know the steps to take. Most topics on wealth creation are so ambiguous that you may not actually get the route to wealth creation. Am so sorry for not updating my blog. Ve been busy doing so many things on my business that require prior attention. I’ve scrutinized these laws in such a way that it will be easier for you to get and use. Remember what i said earlier, that LASTING WEALTH TAKES TIME TO BUILD. I told you that i’ll teach you on how to build assets. There are various ways to do these, but, you must pick the ways that is familiar to you to use and keep on that and build it. For instance, i discovered that there are divers ways of making money legitimately on the net. You see, i wanted to maximize every talent of making money in me. I called it earlier as financial networking. What i discovered dazzled me. Of all the lists of making money online, i saw two that i could work with and i began to build on them. And am still learning. So also, i want you to do the same. Pick the ones you can use to build your assets and use the rest to help others on their way. 1. Find something doing. This is your first route in building assets, NOT SAVING. Surprised? Don’t be. When that is in place, go to the 2nd stage. 2. Saving. Saving really in itself doesn’t build wealth. It is what you do with what you save that does. For instance, if you save 10% of your income monthly, let’s say N6,000 from N60,000 earned or more and expenses come across, and you spend it, you’ve just removed the seed of your wealth. If you discipline yourself, your N6,000 gathered within 12months will fetch you, N72,000 that year. It is what you do with that money that will determine the growth of your wealth. That’s why i don’t really save, i go instead to no 3. INVESTMENT. Investment are diversified. You can invest in shares, real estate, oil and gas, mutual funds etc. But what guarantees their result is the information you have about them and the how to that makes you rich. Luckily for you, you can invest in your own company, or in your own knowledge. I call it specialized knowledge. That leads us to no 4. Publishing Books And ebooks. You can package what you know in a book format. And not only that, you can turn it into an ebook. Someone would like to pay for it. Just first create the market, before you sell your book. Thousands have used this medium to make their money and that while sleeping. Let’s say, you sell your book for $5 and 1million people bought online and offline. Do you know how much that is? $10million put together. Your knowledge too, is an asset. Tap into it. Even when you are dead, your books will still be making money for you. The only problem is, you won’t be there to use it. But your children and your generation will. You would’ve just created a generational and lasting wealth. Thousands have created such. 5. Importation And Exportation. You can invest in this area. Find out about it. Look for what you can import or export. There are needs everywhere. That’s the only place, that you can make your money. Some people may not want to do what you really may want to do. That’s a plus for you. Go for it! 7. Real Estate. Don’t commonize those in the job. They make more money than you ever thought possible. Buy lands and keep. Remember that lands appreciate all the time and with time. You can make 4x than the money you used to buy it. 8. Oil and Gas. Hot cake. Go for it. Its for your take. Invest in oil companies. They give rich dividends. These platforms are my wealth plans. They don’t fail. I’ve done my research on divers men who are rich in my country and overseas. And i’ve found it to be true. Infact, it is their denominator. I’ve given you the tools to work, don’t be afraid. Give yourself time. It won’t be long before you reach the wealth line. Pretty soon, i’ll put it in an ebook, you can download and read at your own pace and time. I’ll get you informed when am through


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